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The Crystal Spoon now provides co-packing private label services for business throughout the greater New York area.  Our talented passionate chefs are known for our exceptional quality artistic presentations of American and International cuisine. 

Located in Elmsford, NY less than 30 minutes from New York City we individually prepare, hand-plate and seal our customers unique meals on a wide variety of artistic packaging options for delivery.  From gourmet  five star entrees to organic vegan meal delivery programs we can bring your brand to both a regional and national market.

What's New

We start co-packing a private label fresh delivered diet meal program Dec 2013. 

We start co-packing a private label Organic Vegan meal service Aug 2013. 

We institute a minimum catering order value of $350.00 effective 1/1/14.


In today’s market customers and retailers are focused on new exciting products with a connection to local sources. If you are a food entrepreneur, a meal service provider, or a store looking to private label its products through a co-packer, The Crystal Spoon has the experience and operational process methodology to make  your product and bring them to market.  Each and every product we prepare is created with a fine attention to detail, using only the finest ingredients.  Here at the Crystal Spoon we know that great tasting, artfully presented, food is the key to making your customers excited about your products and coming back for more.  

Our Capabilities

FACILITIES (11,000 ft) of:
State-of-the-art Commercial Kitchen
Temperature Controlled Tray Packing
Steam Kettles
Slicers/Dicers Peelers
Double Deck Ovens
Blast Freezers
Tray Sealers
Image Labelers
- HACCP Based Food Safety Production
- Cook/Chill Production Methodology
- Integrated Product Ordering, Production Control, Labeling, and Order Shipping Process Control and Tracking Software



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