Breakfast Buffet

Design Your Own...Choose Just What You Want

Eggs on toasted bagel, bakery-fresh croissants, or Kaiser rolls topped with melted cheddar cheese individually wrapped.
$6.75 per guest
Scrambled eggs and melted cheese, individually wrapped. Add bacon, sausage or ham to either of the above for $1.25 each.
$6.25 each
Scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese and salsa nestled in a griddled flour tortilla.
$6.95 per guest
Our chefs lovingly prepare these classic baked egg delicacies (Minimum 12 of each type)Quiche Florentine (Sautéed...
$4.75 each
Tea Assorted Lipton and Tazo Teas - $10.50 per airpot (10 guest minimum)
$2.00 per guest